Don't shut down when others don't care
We're all strait-jacketed in cells of despair.

As for lovelessness, what can I say?
Fear creates block that keeps love at bay.

But love is life in a myriad forms
The beginning, the end for love is all.

The world's in travail for that which clings.
Terror and fear and all it brings

Horror and despair felt by all
For we're all indivisible, there is no wall.

We hide in a hideout, a bed so warm,
A drink or two to shield us from harm

We busy ourselves with work-filled goals
Yet all the while are hiding our souls

For fear is weak and fear is bad,
Fear's a time-waster and fear is sad

Fear's a harbinger of worse to come.
Fear imagines evil that then is done.

The result of fear is what fear creates
Fear is loss and fear is hate

Fear coverts power for has none of its own
Fear ousts the soul from its inward home.

To choices now, how about No?
How about refusing to let life go?

How about refusing to open the door
To images of hell that attack our core?

How about laughing at fear's parade
A deep belly laugh makes the demons fade.

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