My lord and Liege, away I ride
To find the castle shore
Where field and stream o'erlap the creed
And love o'erlaps the law

I ride a-free, I ride unknown
No thought nor goal have I
Save the curtains edge on this domain
Where love can't touch the sky.

Pain intense breaks through my heart
Of never ending years
Where man's reality force its law
And woman hides her tears.

I ride the past, I ride the now
In weighty dread I ride
Through canyon's gulf, without the beam
Of my loved one by my side.

I can but meet the charg-ed flame
Impregnate, sear my womb
And all around the world bereft
Rides past me in its gloom.

Ah, how selfish is my love
It can’t give up the prize
The orgasmic bliss of heart now met
Where separation dies

Fathomless night, no stars foretell
The possibilities there
We play the game unto death
And know the death we dare!

But to dare the death, forego the dream
The death where self is undone
Where you loose you, and I loose I
But together become as one.

But will you betray me dear
Or might it be I, you?
Can we walk to the razor’s edge
Or remain still yet as two?

© 2016 Laroche Designs
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