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I'm available to art societies, Schools, Universities, Family gatherings, Festivals and Events

I can sometimes come at short notice, if a cancellation occurs. I certainly can promise a memorable event!

A brief synopsis of my background.

I come from a family of artists with both my grandparents exhibiting at the Royal Academy.  I trained in Fine Art at Maidenhead Art College and worked

for three years as a portrait artist and Art Instructor on an american cruise-liner sailing from New York to the Caribbean. Since then I've continued to travel and paint.

Many Giclee art prints and cards of my work have been sold the world over, when my company 'Chalice Designs' teamed up with 'New World Music' in the 90's.

Presently I concentrate on private commissions, demonstrating and teaching where invited. I am never happier than when passing on creative skill

which delights everyone. For me, good painting is not a question of talent but consciousness, which can easily be expanded when taught.

I very much enjoy giving people pleasure in achieving what they formerly would not consider possible.

Demonstrations and workshops include








I've given talks and demonstrations nationwide since 1999, primarily for Art societies. In addition I spent three years on

cruise liners, painting portraits and giving talks/demos during the cruises. We sailed from New York around the Caribbean.

I've been invited back by many of the art societies, and been told by Art Profile, I am one of their most popular speakers.

My demonstrations last two hours with a tea break in the middle. In the first hour I describe what Ill be doing, and in the second half, I do it.

This means having already had the theory, everyone is keen and ready to see it in action.

The portrait is life-size and takes an hour. I usually ask a volunteer to sit, but they keep the portrait by way of compensation.

I also show shortcuts, optical illusions, good draftsmanship, and how to create atmosphere or emotion. I'm generally watched with spellbound attention

as a full-size colour portrait appears as if by magic. Below is a sequence of five photos showing the progressive stages of an hour demonstration portrait.



The 'Law of Colour' is indivisible, all inclusive and straightforward. This demonstration involves showing the Law of Colour Mandala, which illustrates this.

The colours in the mandala hold the frequency of each primary colour, (indivisible). And each colour is juxtaposed with its exact opposite.

After gazing at the centre of the Law of Colour Mandala for one minute, an extraordinary visual effect is produced of incandescent optics

running along the interlocking geometric curves in the image. You experience what words alone can't authenticate and proof of the Law of Colour itself.

As colour is light separated into its spectrum parts , so colour, combined in the right way, will re-create light. This is what produces the extraordinary visual effect.

I believe the 'Law of Colour', will become a text book classic at school and university.

I also demonstrate by direct experience, how different colours affect our emotion, and how to create drama and atmosphere through its use.

Drama as in lighting, composition, framing, context and atmosphere. Drama is the magic ingredients which create legend in a painting.

Emotion is especially exciting to both capture and view. It fascinates or repels, but always impresses.

The Law of Colour talk/demo is unusual, in that the second half is hands-on, The mandala produces its startling effect when seen in natural light,

making the law of colour self evident. It is followed by everyone making camouflage squares, which so absolutely match the chosen background, as to disappear!

This is achieved by applying the Law of Colour premise, and will serve to perfect colour mixing and calibration, in all genres and artistic mediums.

Members are asked to bring crayons or portable water colour box. No tables need to be set up, just a slight rearrangement of chairs in the second half.

There is often much collaboration in doing these camouflage squares, and always a lot of fun!


People have asked me over the years about my spiritual paintings and whether I would give a workshop on this kind of art. This demonstration is in response to that.
I give workshops as well as demos on all these subjects, though Art from within is better suited to a workshop. The methods I use to open people's subconscious is manyfold, 

depending on each individual present. This has been my most influential workshops, which I also taught it at Millfield School under the title of CREATIVE GENIUS.



This talk/demonstration is all about how to create mood, using colour and lighting, composition and framing. Please see the two images below to compare and contrast.
This is the most important but overlooked aspect of art, as it is mood and emotion which conveys the most memorable impression. It is the mood of a painting which lifts

art from the mundane to the sublime. A very valuable and memorable experience. 


This is a popular workshop, for although a lot is said about abstract art, most is confusing. What is it exactly, and what constitutes good abstract art?

 This is seems to be the place where the subjective and objective worlds collide, but hopefully this talk/demo, can separate and successfully combine the two.

The unknown element regarding the outcome of the demonstration picture adds mystery, which is fascinating to all, not least myself.

Talk/demonstration (Two hours) £100.
Morning or afternoon workshops (Four hours) £150.
Full day workshop (from 10am. to 4pm) £250



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